Whatever you are trying to achieve in your project, Ultra Smart Controls has you covered.
Providing control of the lighting and environmental systems in both guest rooms, common ways, restaurant and other areas.
Hotels today typically benefit from PMS (Property Management Systems). Linking building control systems with the PMS enables real time reports from each guest room, and speeds up the delivery of guest services. This allows a hotel to allocate services on an as needed basis, saving energy and reducing costs in the process.

A modern spa provides a relaxing and healthy atmosphere to visitors. Colour changing and dimmable lighting, background-music, and integration with other systems allow the facility to run smoothly day after day, resulting in perfectly tailored environment and satisfied guests.
Technology can assist by providing the customer with added comfort and convenience, and the venue with energy-savings, enhanced security, and simple management of systems from a centralised location.
Restaurants, Bars & Clubs
Restaurants can consist of a large number of lighting fixtures, all of which need to be controlled and dimmer for different sittings. For example, the “cleaning” mode turns lights up to full brightness, whereas Lunch, Pre-Theatre and Dinner settings provide the ambience for each of these times.